which will add uniqueness to a particular area of Batumi. This is the first residential complex that is implemented within the framework of the municipal program "Batumi without dilapidated buildings". The project is being carried out under the partnership and supervision of the city municipality.
Learn more about the new business class project in the central part of Batumi. Be able to choose the best option for investment or living at the most favorable price.
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The "ONE" project is the first renovation project in partnership with the municipality
The first business class house
in the heart of Batumi.
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Profitable investment average price, excluding repairs
planned average price increase over construction period
with an average occupancy 55%.
average price, м2
average price increase
rental yield
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Profitable investment
Receive a full presentation of the project, and the best price for early buyers.
Project "ONE" is a business class building, where each apartment is designed with every detail of comfort in mind. Such design selection has created complete comfort and coziness of residents, which increases the high competitiveness in the rental market.
for your
Starting price, from $85 379
First installment, from $25 614
Common area
from 58,2 м2
Loggia, balcony or terrace
до 21,8 м2
View from window
City, mountains
One bedroom
Starting price, from $124 904
First installment, from $37 471
Common area
from 96,6 м2
Loggia / terrace + balcony, laundry
View from window
City, mountains, sea.
Two bedrooms
Starting price, from $149 563
First installment, from $44 869
Common area
121,2 м2
Spacious terrace, balcony, 2 wardrobe spaces
View from window
City, mountains, stadium
Three bedrooms
Starting price, from $43 877
First installment, from $13 163
Common area
from 27,7 м2
Balcony or loggia
4,8-9,9 м2
View from window
City, mountains
View in 360°
View in 360°
View in 360°
View in 360°
The „ONE“ project is a business class house located in the city center. Unlike other projects, here you will find a safe and comfortable living space. The necessary infrastructure facilities are within walking distance: a beach, a school and a kindergarten, sports grounds, a stadium, shops and shopping centers.
Project adress:
School and kindergarten
Beach and boulevard
The Heroes Alley
Adjarabet Arena
Everything is close,
except for the
hustle & bustle.
From delightful interiors to architectural brilliance, every aspect is designed for excellence.
It’s the perfect
place to live!
Huge parking
Earthquake-proof building
Your own boiler system
Family planning
Simplify your daily life, no endless searches for parking spaces - ONE residential complex has its own two-level parking.
Complex ONE can withstand seismic force from 1 to 8 points, due to special engineering works and unique materials, which ensure durability and safety of the building.
In our unique residential complex, you will enjoy low utility bills and uninterrupted communication systems.
In Batumi, unlike newly built complexes, ONE has the status of a residential building, not an apartment. In the unique interior, you will find wardrobe spaces and bright rooms with breathtaking views. For full comfort, you will have master bedrooms in all large home units.
months of instalment
Standard installment plan for 36 months +12 months for all 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.
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In the heart
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The developer of the project is the company X2 Group, which specializes in the management of real estate projects' investments, development and commercialization. X2 Group works with both its own and partner projects. The total portfolio is 52,000 sq.m.
The construction customer is Batumi Garden Key, which is part of the X2 Group and is implementing the ONE project.
The general contractor is LLC “Future Construction”, a construction partner of the X2 Group. He has extensive experience and a successful portfolio of completed projects in Batumi and Kutaisi.
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Best price offer only for early buyers. Send us a request, and receive a full presentation of the project by e-mail, taking into account at the best price.
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