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Invest in business class apartments in the center of Batumi with profitability, from 8 to 30% annually

Double your capital from the sale of an object
or earn up to 30% annually on renting out by buying apartments in the residential complex ONE
How can an active investor earn money with a moderate strategy?
How to apply a conservative investment strategy with lower risks?
Up to 30% annually
On selling apartments with increasing value. The yield will reach 92% by delivery in 2026, due to an average property value ​​growth of 30% per year.
Dynamic price
The profitability of your investments regularly increases due to the increase in the cost of the apartment using dynamic price. The price is recalculated after the sale of each apartment, so competition with the developer is excluded. You will earn more from the difference in price.
Yield 8-9%
Stable cash flow from long-term rental of an apartment in the center of Batumi.
Up to 20% annually
From daily rent - $7,680 per year, the average yield from an apartment with an area of ​​32 sq.m.
How to get 30% annually?
Double your capital from the sale of an object or earn up to 30% annually on renting out by buying apartments in the residential complex ONE
What are the benefits of investing in the residential complex ONE?
Savings on taxes
Due to a 5% rate on profit from the sale of an apartment. There is only an additional payment of $300 if you purchased an apartment for $36,000 and sold it for $42,000.
Protection from inflation
Protecting your savings with the help of profitable real estate in the center of Batumi. 8-9% annually for long-term rentals and up to 30% annually for daily rentals will cover your risks by 2.5-3 times even during a crisis with inflation of 5%.
Installment plan
Real estate in installments for 36 and 48 months. Possibility of staged payment for supporters of moderate and planned payments.
Why do investors choose Georgia?
There has been an active shift in investment focus from European countries to Asia, and primarily to Georgia among successful investors, in recent years.
Financial flexibility and variety of payments
Payment in rubles and any currency is possible. We accept payments even with current restrictions. If you prefer cryptocurrencies, pay for apartments with cryptocurrencies comfortably, safely and privately. Make transactions from any point of the world.
Compliance with tax secrecy when purchasing
By law, Georgia does not transfer information about maintenance and payments to the Russian Federation. This means that you prepare your own tax returns in compliance with all rules and regulations. At the same time, you are protected from accidental errors and disclosure of information.
Residential property
If you buy apartments, then by law you can only live in them 180 days per year. There are no restrictions on residential properties, so they will buy them from you both for investment and for permanent living.
An affordable way to obtain a residence permit
Georgia is a candidate for EU membership.
Take advantage of a simple and legal way to obtain a residence permit when investing in real estate from $100,000.
Protection of the owner by law from unscrupulous tenants
According to Georgian legislation, an apartment cannot be “seized” by an unscrupulous tenant - a violator who does not fulfill the conditions or pays on time, as it would be the case like in Spain or Turkey. Become a player in the owner's market rather than the renter's market by purchasing an apartment at ONE.
Growth of economic and political ratings of Georgia
The country already ranks 35th in the 2023 Index of economic freedom ranking. At the same time, Georgia is famous for its democratic government and liberal legislation. This is an opportunity to own real estate with the guarantee of private ownership.
Order apartment selection
You will receive advice on investing in real estate in Georgia, taking into account current legislation and economic trends in the period from 2024 to 2026.
Пляж и бульвар
Аллея героев
Школа и детский сад
ул. Тбел Абусеридзе, 29А
In the heart of
a prestigious area
Kindergarten, school and supermarkets
Football stadium Batumi Arena
Alley of Heroes, the city heritage of Batumi
Black Sea beach and tourist boulevard
In the heart of a prestigious area
Football stadium Batumi Arena
Alley of Heroes, the city heritage of Batumi
Black Sea beach and tourist boulevard
Kindergarten, school and supermarkets
Business class benefits
Large parking
The house will have its own two-story parking. This means no parking problems.
Own boiler sistem
Independence from interruptions in city communications and low utility bills.
Restaurant and coworking
Attractive attributes of comfortable living will attract buyers and new tenants.
ONE is a residential building, not apartments
“One bedroom” and “two bedrooms” apartments are highly liquid. They are easy to sell at any time, unlike studio apartments.
One- and two-room apartments are of a higher class than studios. They are more prestigious and are valued higher by potential buyers.
Planning solutions that will please your clients
Choose comfortable and convenient planning solutions that will appeal to solvent buyers and tenants from 195 countries and will increase your profitability.
Comfortable master bedrooms with wardrobes and bathrooms
Spacious kitchen-living rooms
Functional storage spaces
Balconies and terraces with magnificent views
Invest in residential complex ONE and make earn money on your oun real estate
Total area 27,7 m2
Balcony 4,8 m2
Starting price
$32 353
Current price from
$39 278
Growth in 5 months
1 bedroom
Total area 58,2 m2
Balcony 5,2 m2
Starting price
$66 937
Current price from
$80 489
Growth in 5 months
1 bedroom
Total area 66,9 m2
Terrace 21,8 m2
Starting price
$71 298
Current price from
$85 330
Growth in 5 months
2 bedroom
Total area 96,6 m2
Balcony 15 m2
Starting price
$102 969
Current price from
$119 735
Growth in 5 months
About the reliable developer X2 Group
Renovation project jointly with the municipality. This is an opportunity to purchase real estate under a unique renovation project together with the Batumi municipality. One is the first residential complex in the history of the city in the very center of Batumi, which is being built in direct cooperation with the city administration. That is why delivery is guaranteed to take place in 2026.
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Investment apartments in the center of Batumi with growing profitability
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Address of the object
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Permission to carry out preparatory and dismantling work (dated 07/19/2023)
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