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First renovation project

One – first residential complex accomplished within the framework of the municipal renovation program “Batumi without dilapidated buildings” in accordance with Government Decree N159 of march 29, 2022. Under this program, the municipality is an active partner of the project and monitors its realization.

Renovation, transformation, safety and high quality – are the mainc strategic goals of this program. The municipality as an active partner of the project, provides control and supervision overs its execution. This ensures that the project complies with all requirements and also ensures compliance with the rules laid down in the Government regulations.

The realization of the project ONE plays an important role not only in the urban development of Batumi, but also ensures the creation of a comfortable living environment. It is an excellent example of active cooperation between the municipality and project partners, who are commited to the common goal – to create safe and modern living space for their citizens.