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Earthquake resistance building

The project One is designed with special attention to seismic safety.

The building is designed for earthquake resistance - up to 8 points. To ensure safety, an accurate design calculation was carried out, taking into account all negative factors. One of the most important aspects of the project is strengthening the foundation. This involves the use of 102 piles installed in casing pipes, each of which penetrates to a depth of 40 meters. The foundation is also equipped with a 240 cm thick slab, which ensures its reliability and stability.

Particular attention was paid to monolithic walls of various sections, with a thickness of 40 to 50 cm, located in key areas of the building. These walls strengthen the structure of the building and provide additional protection.

The building frame is made of B4 grade concrete, and H67 grade is used as reinforcement. This frame design creates a unified spatial system, combining reinforced concrete pylons, monolithic walls, topping tiles and staircase. Because of this, the building has a high degree of seismic resistance and safety, which guarantees comfort and protection for all its residents and users, even in a seismically active area.